Thank you for your interest in a Von Zioli baby.

Please remember, puppies are a long term commitment.  Do your research of this breed and make sure that a dachshund will suit your lifestyle.

Before our daxies leave, they will be inoculated and dewormed at six weeks, but leave from 9 weeks of age.  Please note that this needs to be done at 10 weeks and again at 14 weeks.  We believe in good quality dog food and raise our puppies on Royal Canin Mother and Baby Starter and Hills Puppy.  We add a selection of raw vegetables and good qualtity raw meat.

As reputable breeders, we aim to improve the overall health of the breed by only breeding from healthy, good examples of the breed.  Our sires and dams are all pra crd 1 tested before matings take place.

Due to the amount of interest in every litter and to avoid disappointment, a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is payable before a baby is reserved for a new home!  Payable within 48 hours of booking.

I am more than happy to ship puppies all over the world at an additional fee to cover the shipping expenses.

Our Daxies are loved to the moon and back!  They are such a blessing to us and I just know that they will be a blessing to each and every one of their new homes!

Von Zioli Greetings

Black/tan boy

Cream boy

Black/tan female

Silver dapple girl with blue eye